Monday, December 5, 2011

New Goals

I have been super busy this week with Engagement pictures and visiting with my main man, but talking about weddings also means that there is a lot of talk about life, and where we want to go together. A few things came up for me. I am a person that doesn't want to live an ordinary life in some aspects. Any time that I hear the words unrealistic it lights a nice little flame under my bum! I also had an instance where I struggled with actually pursuing my dreams, because I allowed the voice of other adults to sway me. No more I say!

Recent events that happened in Japan shook me so hard that I cried for almost a whole day. Seeing the destruction that swept through Sendai moved me and honestly scared me. Also scared me that I couldn't get a hold of my host mom for a few days. I know that we all go through days where we reflect on our mortal time on Earth. How beautiful life is. How blessed we all are, to love, to live, to experience pain, to grow, and to pass on our experiences with the next generation. Good and bad. Life is always worth living and giving. When you watch videos of volunteer trips and people giving to one another you get to witness the gratitude in another person's eyes...well I want to experience that first hand. I want to go and work hard. I want to help create smiles and moments worth living for others. I want to share what I have. So my new dream is to volunteer across seas.

Any time that there is a disaster it takes years to recover, but once the media is done show casing it people forget and go on with their lives. It's natural, but I wouldn't want people to forget me. There are still People all over that need help. Please take the time to find ways even local where you can find ways to help others that have less than you. Thanks ya'll.

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