Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Suki Desu!

Watashi wa honto ni Christmas suki desu. My Oka-san decorates the whole house like crazy! Even our stair rails are wrapped up in garland. Last Christmas I was on a cruise with my Oto-san's family. It was fun at times, but mostly it was miserable. I will probably never do a cruise again.... anyways, I am super excited to be at home this Christmas! It is also my last Christmas as a single lady. Pretty crazy when I think about it to much.
I recently got back from Northern Utah where my fiance lives. In Salt Lake City down at temple square the lights are amazing! There was even a kokeshi doll Nativity scene!
I think that it would be so amazing to be able to visit Japan in the winter. I am not sure how they do Christmas there or how big of a thing it is. But in several drama's and anime's they always have a tree so I am guessing that at the very least it is a growing tradition especially with the growth of Christianity.

This is the Christmas Tree in the Joseph Smith building in SLC, Utah. It really is an amazing tree. Right behind it on the second floor is where I performed last Christmas season with the Orem Institute Choir. It really was an amazing experience.

 This Christmas tree is decorated in Japanese paper ornaments! I was so cute! I loved all the little Kimono girls and paper balls. I was so happy to see this tree at my new favorite restaurant East. I actually ate there two nights in a row haha. Was funny but a little embarassing for me. Still it was fun to speak even more Japanese. My oka-san told me today that she loves to hear me speak Japanese, but I have to translate everything that I say. Haha.
                                            MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

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