Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paper Cranes

modern art wedding origami paper cranes
This was a good picture to find because I was sort of worried
that it would look silly to have all different colors instead of
having just my wedding colors, but I love it!

I know that it has been a hot minute since I last wrote, but I have been pretty busy with wedding plans. At first I was not really sure what to base the theme on...since apparently I should have a theme haha. I think that I have finally figured it out though. Surprise! It's Japanese themed... O.K. so it is not really that big of a surprise, but I am a fairly complex person in my interest and so it was actually pretty hard for me to pick something. I have hit the ground running with this idea though and have even started folding a thousand paper cranes.
I know that you are probably supposed to fold them all yourself, but I don't have time to do such things, so I enlisted the family! Oddly enough it has been a pretty bonding pastime for us. Even my sister and I have been getting along better. I just wish that she would stop giving them away to people that see her doing them... Anyways it has only been about two weeks but we are on a role for sure.
It was impossible to find them in my exact wedding colors, which are eggplant purple, burnt orange, and scarlet red, so I just bought a bunch of eclectic designs and went to work. That is one thing that I love about japanese prints is that they are so colorful and detailed, and that is how I would like for my reception to turn out.
Folding these cranes has been so relaxing for me. You have to be patient and focus on detail and exactness and in a small way I feel as if it is honing my ability for patience with many other things. It could be my imagination, but I also feel like there is a pretty significant lesson in this practice. Its Sunday so I am gonna go ahead and throw this out there.
When I fold cranes I think of how our Heavenly Father must view us. Though I have hundreds to go, to make each one turn out right I have to take the time to align and fold each crease, and after I am done I take time to admire the one I have finished. Each is so different even with careful attention to detail, and though when I am finished people will not look at the way each one is different I will still love every one that I have made. If I can love a single paper crane think of the way that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us, and think of the patience he also must hold for us as he gently, but firmly shapes us into new and beautiful beings.
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This is one way to use them that I think will be very pretty.